We are happy to announce that our product NSInew with Car Wheels has been included in Ezvid's Wiki of The 10 Best Magnetic Blocks 2017.

You can view the Wiki at: https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-magnetic-blocks 

A toy for the development of imagination

Creative educational child toy is designed for toddlers and pre-schoolers. The possibility of so many combinations will allow your child to develop imagination and abstract thinking. Use the educational toy magnetic tiles for improving a child’s motor skills and cognitive understanding of color.

Develops a child’s self-confidence and teamwork ability


The magnetic building toy set helps to develop and train not only the brain, but also social skills. Construction toys help children build confidence, learn collaboration and practice teamwork. Allow your child to finish making the toy himself or herself, and they will be delighted.

Play with children

Magnetic toys and games are the best way to spend time with your kids. Creativity building magnetic tile set is a fun and interesting game that will enthrall both children and adults. You are sure to spend time valuable and beneficial time with your children.

A high quality tool to develop your child’s creativity

Only high quality non-toxic materials are used in our magnetic toy sets. These educational toy magnets for kids are safe and durable. All corners are smooth, and the magnets are strong, not allowing your child’s special creation to break or fall apart.

There are 67 different pieces in the magnetic shapes and colors set. Your kids can make any construction they want: buildings, shapes, robots and more.  The most interesting game for playing alone or with friends.

Set comes with a convenient carrying bag. Children can collect and place all the magnet tile blocks into the bag and take it with them wherever they go.