NSInew VR Headset

Keeping up with technology is certainly a good way to keep the excitement levels up in your life. Technology is evolving at such a rapid pace that you don’t have to get bored using the same things over and again. If you are bored up watching television, movies on computers or maybe playing games on them, then VR is here to thrill you.


Soar high in the sky, explore mysterious worlds(be it deep in the ocean or up in the space), visit amazing places around the world without even leaving your couch – yes, that’s what VR can do for you. It brings home a whole new world of entertainment and allows you to go on the craziest adventures but from the comfort of your home –eliminates all the risk of adventure but not the fun. Not only a means of entertainment but VR is a revolution even in the space of education and informative media (like documentaries). You must be wondering what’s the cost of such an innovative technology?


Well, it’s certainly super-expensive if you want to go for high-end products like HTC Vive or Oculus Rift – 500-800 USD. However, experts see this as an exorbitantly high amount of investment, especially at a time when the technology is still evolving at a very rapid pace, and you might get an upgraded hardware every quarter, making your old device completely outdated.


A VR Headset like NSI new VR gives you a much superior alternative in terms of performance and cost-effectiveness. These VR goggles offer you a high-definition 3D VR experience – be it virtual reality gaming, 360˚ videos, or any other interactive content, and use your mobile phone to give you an unparalleled VR experience. This is the third version launched by the company and is a vast improvement over Google cardboard headset and all the other designs based on it which are available in the market today. A lot of human-centric innovation can be observed in this new VR headset design which makes using this 3D VR headset much more comfortable and convenient. VR is certainly one of the best innovations of this century and there is no reason you should delay experience it!