Technical specifications

Our over-ear headset is made especially for professional and novice gamers. 

With our high-tech and reliable technologies, you can enjoy the amazing stereo sound playing for hours with comfort. 

Features & Benefits : 

-Portable gaming headset made of high quality, reliable and durable materials. 
-High-quality stereo sound and built-in vibration universal gaming headset will help you immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your game. 
-High-quality microphone sound gaming headset with excellent noise reduction of sounds will cope with crystal clear sound in any setting. 
-With the help of self-adjusting double headband allows it to be easily configured for any gamer of any age. 
-Breathable, durable and comfortable leather pads at the pc headset. 
-The superb soundproofing 3.5mm gaming headset will give you the opportunity to enjoy the game even in the noisiest places. 
-Excellent stylish design with a bright, impressive backlighting at the gaming headset microphone. 
-You do not need to install any drivers for our computer gaming headset. 
-Gaming headset noise isolating suitable for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Laptop, Smartphones, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Samsung, LG, Xiaomi & etc. 


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PS4 Setting:
Insert the headset own 3.5mm jack plug into the Gamepad, then long press the PS button or enter the system Settings. There will be a peripheral machines, choose "Adjust Sound and Devices", "Output to the headphones", then change it to "all audio ".
1. Xbox One Microsoft adapter is not included. New Xbox One doesn't need Microsoft adapter, but old Xbox One needs Microsoft adapter.
2. The USB is just for LED lights to work, the headphone couldn't work only with the USB, it has to plug the 3.5 mm plug at the same time.

Connection type Wired
Type of headphones Full-size on-ear
Type of earcups Closed
Type of mounting Headband
Membrane diameter 50 mm
Impedance (headphones) 32 Ohm
Impedance (microphone) 2,2 kOhm
Sensitivity (headphones) 115 dB
Sensitivity (microphone) 54 dB
Frequency response (headphones) 20–20000 Hz
Frequency response (microphone) 20–16000 Hz
Cable length 2,5 m
Connectors USB, 2 x 3.5 mm jack
Color Brown